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The Centre for the Study of Conflict operated from 1977 to 2000

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Former Staff
Visiting Students

Note on Staff

As is the case with other research centres in the University, the Director of the Centre was a permanent member of staff who had been seconded to oversee the management of the Centre. The research staff of the Centre were emplyed on a fixed-term basis. Most of these were full-time researchers supported by external grants, usually for between one and three years. A small number of shorter contracts were also awarded, these involved either a pump-priming exercise in preparation for a larger project or a supplement to the work of other projects.

There were a number of changes among the research staff of the Centre between 1994 and 1997. A number of previous staff members moved to research and teaching posts within the University of Ulster and to other Universities. As new research proposals were funded new members of staff had been employed and the complement of research staff had risen to previous levels.

Former Directors of the Centre for the Study of Conflict:

John Darby (1985-1991)
Seamus Dunn (1991-2000)

Staff who were formerly employed in the Centre

The Centre would like to record its appreciation to all those who have worked on research projects in the Centre in recent years. They have added to the understanding of issues of importance in Northern Ireland society and have contributed an important body of literature in the form of research reports and academic papers.

The following list is incomplete

Dominic Bryan, Research Officer
Jean Craig, Research Officer
Feargal Cochrane, Research Officer
Mari Darby, Research Assistant (1995-1996)
Seamus Farrell, Research Assistant
Grace Fraser, Research Officer
Tony Gallagher, Research Officer (198x-1992)
Brendan Hardtop, Research Assistant
Tom Hennessey, Research Officer (1994-1996)
Joanne Hughes, Research Assistant (199x - 1993)
Greg Irwin, Research Officer (1995-1997)
Neil Jarman, Research Officer
Barbara McCabe, Research Officer
Clem McCartney, Research Officer (19xx-1992)
Ruth McIlwaine, Secretary, Centre for the Study of Conflict
Martin Melaugh, Research and Information Officer (1992-1995)
Lyn Moffett, Secretary to the Ethnic Studies Network (19xx - 1994)
Alison Montgomery, Research Officer (1995-1996)
Linda Moore, Research Officer (199x - 199x)
Sharon Moran, Research Assistant
Ciarán Ó Maoláin, Information Officer (1991 - 1994)
Pat Shortt, Secretary, Centre for the Study of Conflict
Alan Smith, Research Fellow (1986 - 1995)
Jerry Tyrrell, Research Officer
Derick Wilson, Research Fellow (1986 - 1995)

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Visiting Students:

The following is not a comprehensive list
Annette Bergen (visiting student from Germany)
Sandra Callaghan (visiting student from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
Kim Hodges (visiting student from USA)
Terence Martin (placement student University of Ulster)
Malvinder Singh (visiting student on placement from Germany)
Ms Frederieke Tolle (visiting student on placement from Germany)
Herbert Treffke (visiting student on placement from Germany) July 1994 - November 1994

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