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Exhibition and associated activities:Women's Real Lives - International Women's Day, 2009
Description: This exhibition was organised to celebrate International Women's Day 2009 and also as the culmination of a series of events and workshops resulting from the 'Quilt Trail' and 'Art of Survival' exhibitions in Derry in March 2008. The 'Women's Real Lives' exhibition took place at four different venues in the city of Derry.The exhibition showcased various creative art pieces by individuals, artists and groups of women from the Derry City Council area and beyond.
Commissioned by: Derry City Council, Heritage and Museum Service; and Women's Centre
Date(s): 9th March 2009 - 28th March 2009
Venue: Women's Centre, Derry
Beibhinn House, 5 Guildhall Street, Derry, BT48 6BB
Curator: Roberta Bacic
Facilitator: Women's Centre, Derry
Outcome: This exhibition harnassed and sustained the momentum from the 2008 exhibition "The Art of Survival: International and Irish quilts". It further introduced viewers from all walks of life to a wide variety of textiles with a broad spectrum of themes. Having it in four locations encouraged viewers to see different areas of the city, perhaps previously unfamiliar to them.

Documents: • call for proposals, 2009 - view
• Exhibition notice, March 2009 - view
• Exhibition venues/launch, March 2009 - view

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