Community Based Facilities

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Community Based Facilities

The aim of the programme is to support the provision of small community based facilities, which do not belong to and are not in the territory of one side of the community.


  • venues must be accessible by all sections of the community;

  • they must have provision for cross-community involvement in their management structure; and

  • cross-community programmes which aim to increase contact, and/or encourage greater mutual understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity must be delivered at all times.

Priority is given to proposals in areas where there has been some evidence of community conflict, and particularly in small towns and villages rather than main district centres.

Before approval, all projects must pass a rigorous economic appraisal in accordance with Treasury guidance. This considers need, different options, costs and benefits, viability and likely community relations impact of projects. Once operational, each facility is evaluated against the targets originally set to ensure continual compliance with original intent and community relations objectives.

The scale of projects agreed will reflect the size of the community which it is intended to serve, but there will be an upper cost level for grant purposes of 250,000. Grant will be at the rate of 75% on agreed budget costs.

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