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Community Relations Council

As part of the Central Community Relations Unit's (CCRU) Community Relations Programme core support is provided for the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council (CRC). The CRC was established in January 1990 to provide support, facilities, and recognition for community organisations operating at a local level. The main aim was to try to counter the effects of communal division. The CRC is an independent organisation which pursues its aims and objectives through support for a wide range of community relations initiatives:

  • As a grant giving agency, it supports projects of voluntary and community groups in increasing cross-community contact and understanding and in challenging sectarianism;

  • CRC assists and advises other agencies and institutions, including government bodies and the commercial sector, in recognising and dealing with issues of sectarianism and community division as they impact upon their areas of work;

  • CRC encourages the provision of resources, including training, research and publications to aid community relations research; and

  • CRC works with other bodies to promote greater appreciation and acceptance of cultural diversity in Northern Ireland.

The CRC aims to help the people of Northern Ireland to recognise and counter the effects of communal division. In doing so it seeks to promote equity of treatment, encourage respect for diversity and acknowledge interdependence within Northern Ireland.

The Community Relations Council has produced, and commissioned, a range of publications since 1990.

The address for the Community Relations Information Centre is:

Community Relations Information Centre
21 College Square East

Tel: +44-(0)1232-311881
Fax: +44-(0)1232-244364

The Community Relations Council (CRC) has a web site at: {external_link}

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